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This is the website http://renshiandrzej.ugu.pl changed into the book - it is an extended English version of the Polish original under the title "Witam na stronie poświęconej Karatedo Doshinkan" (I welcome on the website dedicated to Karatedo Doshinkan) of 2006 published by author in October 2015. One can find in it: instructions how to behave in the place of practice (dojokun) and during ceremonials (reigi), commands to exercises (renshu) of gymnastics (taiso), techniques (kihon), katas (forms), kumite (sparring), kobudo (former weapons), and a number of other - in total, an English translation of 820 Japanese terms together with their concise descriptions. There is also an explanation of what this is karate and what are its kinds, karatedo and Karatedo Doshinkan, what they characterize themselves, and as well their histories. All this has been furthermore particularized with 390 footnotes and illustrated by 240 archival photographs and statements by 13 different masters and students.

O autorze

The author, Andrzej Pyrzewicz (http://renshiansei.wizytowka.pl), Renshi 7°Dan Karatedo Doshinkan, and its Polish recreation instructor, he has been practicing it since 1977. In Polish Karatedo Doshinkan one of the first two karate instructors, the co-author of their training program and co-leader of the first of them, the participant and the choreographer of many shows. In the years 1987-2004 secretary/treasurer, member of the board and its presidium of the association. He knows by heart all the 101 katas officially taught so far by the hanshis of this school, together with their many versions and varieties which he never in any way writes down or forgets (exception: youtube, Renshi Ansei). Historian, writer, translator, semantist, researcher of karatedo and karatedo katas, the author of several articles, the book "Karatedo Kata", the websites dedicated to Karatedo Doshinkan and Sanchin kata, as well the Polish translation of "Karatedo Daihokan" by Daishihan Kanken Toyama.


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Rodzaj: podręcznik


Wydawnictwo: self-publishing

Rok: 2018

Ilość stron: 352

ISBN: 978-83-949062-7-6

Format pliku: pdf, 

Słowa kluczowe:
doshinkan, dōshinkan, karatedo, karatedō,

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